Roland RE-202 Boss Delay Pedal Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

boss re202 review

When a leak revealed the RE-2, some were sceptical it was a fake. Turns out it was only half of the story, and this much bigger version has plenty to offer anyone who craves a big-sounding tape-style delay.

The RE-202 crams all the core functionality of Roland’s iconic three-head Space Echo model into an incredibly compact pedal. With knobs-per-function and a twelve-position rotary mode selector, it faithfully reproduces all of the original’s sounds while adding many new options.

As with the smaller pedal, the RE-202 offers a choice of spring, hall, room, and plate reverb types. It also comes with the usual controls – like the familiar bass, treble and repeat rate (time) knobs – plus an option to add digital wow and flutter that emulates small variations in tape speed. This gives the pedal a more authentic sound, like an old machine that’s been well used and shows its age.

There are extras too – the Twist effect ramps up the repeat rate and Intensity (feedback) level to create a cool, dub-style runaway feedback sound. And the Warp feature turns the repeated signal into a kind of one-knob overdrive. Both effects can be engaged at the same time, for a cool effect that’s easy to control in real-time.

In addition to the four onboard memories, you can access 123 additional settings via MIDI. There’s a tap tempo function, too, so you can set your delays to the beat. And you can mute the dry signal, choose which parameters are affected by an expression pedal, double the delay time and more.

David Sunnyside
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