Rookie Historian Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

rookie historian review

There's a trend with period dramas where they start off as a romantic comedy and then slowly switch into a serious fast-paced thriller (Bride of the Water God). Rookie historian managed to avoid this trope as it held true to its original premise. It's a workplace drama with an interesting historical spin. It also showcased a feisty noblewoman that has her own agenda and believes she can make a difference.

The story focuses on Goo Hae-ryung who is recruited to become one of the first female historians in the Royal Palace during the early 19th century. Although she is told to get married, she isn't willing to settle down and would rather spend her life recording the truth independently. She is not only a shrewd woman but a passionate one who isn't afraid of getting oppressed for what she believes in.

She stands up to those who try to shut her down and is able to persuade the King into making certain changes. She even goes into the countryside to see how a smallpox epidemic is affecting people in their remote villages. Her boldness is admirable. She is a reminder that you can always stand up for what you believe in.

Shin Se Kyung does a wonderful job portraying the spirited rookie historian. She makes you want to root for her and feel her passion. Her acting is well-rounded and her smile is contagious. The supporting cast, particularly Cha Eun Woo as Prince Yi Rim, is impressive too. He is a charismatic actor that can bring out different emotions in his characters.

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