Rootowanie HTC Desire - How to Root Your HTC Desire

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

rootowanie htc desire

Rootowanie HTC Desire is a process which enables you to modify the system on your device. Rooting allows you to remove limitations which would normally prevent accessing files on the file system and install custom applications and ROMs that may not be available in stores, however this will void your warranty and should only be done if you understand and accept all associated risks and are comfortable doing so - it takes patience, research, and research!

Rooting HTC phones can be challenging. Since the manufacturer designed the phone to prevent users from rooting it, unlocking its bootloader must first be accomplished - usually using a third party application such as RootBot or similar programs - prior to rooting. While not recommended for beginners due to hardware damage risks involved, rooting HTC phones successfully is still achievable given enough planning.

Start by downloading and installing the Android SDK Platform Tools onto your computer from, once these have been completed on HTC device you must enable USB debugging by opening settings menu, tapping "About phone", enabling Developers option then changing to USB Debugging option allowing PC to recognize it as fastboot mode device.

Once done, the rooting process can begin. In just a few minutes you should see "Rooting. Please wait." Approximately fifteen minutes later you should get another message saying: "Root Complete." To verify the root status of your device after it's completed rooting process you can download an Android root checker app from Google Play Store.

If you have followed all the steps correctly, your HTC Desire eye should now be free from restrictions and you can customize its performance to your liking with custom ROMs and tweaks. However, before proceeding make sure you create a backup of all your data as this could result in permanent loss if it is done incorrectly.

HTC is an American-based smartphone manufacturer offering an assortment of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and phablets. The company is widely recognized for its cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly software as well as receiving numerous awards and accolades for their products and services. Furthermore, there is also a selection of accessories designed to further increase functionality of these phones.

Kingroot provides an easy, straightforward method of rooting your HTC Desire phone, in one step. Once installed, this free application grants root access so you can customize its software and apps as you see fit. Unfortunately, however, Kingroot may cause rebooting on occasion; though this should not be considered an issue since simply restarting can easily restore functionality.

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