Rossi 38 Special Revolver Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

rossi 38 special revolver review

Rossi 38 Special Revolver Review

Revolvers Review

The rossi 38 special revolver is a popular choice for concealed carry and home defense. All Rossi revolvers feature the unique Taurus Security System and are covered by their Lifetime Repair Policy.

They strike a comfortable balance between the Colt Detective Special and Smith and Wesson's K-frame revolvers in terms of weight, size and function for everyday use as a CCW or house gun. They're also a solid choice for the outdoors or revolver competition shooting.

This is a very good revolver for the money and will serve you well. It shoots Federal and Remington 158-grain round nose lead loads very well. It can also handle 125-grain full power.357 magnum loads and is very docile in firing strings.

Its trigger is very good and the single action break is very light. It does recoil a little but that is to be expected for a revolver at this price point. It is also very accurate and easy to carry.

Sights are very good and are fully adjustable. The rear sight has a ramp and the front has a bright orange ramp which makes sighting easy.

The grips are very nice with a good fit and are well made. The cylinder latch is very nicely checkered and there is enough length in the ejector rod to fully eject spent cartridge cases.

Despite the fact that this is a specialized pistol, it will not be difficult to find replacement parts. However, due to the smaller market and lower price, you are unlikely to find parts that will work in the Rossi R351 without modification.

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