Rossignol Angus Magtek Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

A fresh premium cut of Rossignol snowboard innovation, the Angus Magtek delivers surfy, next-generation freeride performance for the entire mountain. Angus uses a mouth-watering blend of MagTek, BC Roller and RadCut technology for big-mountain power and playful, surfy-smooth float in soft conditions.

As a slightly stiffer, all-mountain twin with ample floatation and strong stability while riding at speed through variable conditions, the Angus is one of the best boards I've used. It's ideal for blasting off side hits and cliffs and airing natural features into soft powder and chunder, but also fun on firmer surfaces and for carving through groomers. While not the most intuitive to ride right away, it has a responsive and playful feel when charging hard into the jibs of the park (though its edging takes some time to get a hang of -- particularly when using a serrated 5S sidecut).

Featuring a slightly stiffer flex than the other all-mountain twins in the Angus lineup, this board encourages railing turns and slashing powder and does very well in wet tracked and dry tracked powder at the end of a storm. While it may not be as forgiving off jibs as a softer park or all-mountain board, the stiffness under the bindings and near the tail helps this board to pop and drive over tables and other obstacles.

The Angus' RadCut sidecut includes a traditional camber between the binding inserts, paired with a 2 deg base bevel. This bevel raises the contact point of the edge of the board by about 1 mm and increases grip on firmer surfaces. The combination of this bevel and the serrated edges (which maximize the surface area of each edge for more effective traction) results in a very confident and precise grip on hardpack surfaces that would have otherwise been slippery.

David Sunnyside
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