Roto Grip Haywire Bowling Ball Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

haywire bowling ball review

The Haywire bowling ball is the newest release in Roto Grip's HP3 line. It combines the tried and true Middle Roll 70 core that was used on many other HP3 balls such as the hugely effective Disturbed, with a 80H Microbite Solid reactive coverstock.

The core provides an ideal blend of control and stability while the microbite solid reactive coverstock helps this ball handle hefty oil patterns and keep traction on a variety of lanes. This ball also has a 2000 grit box finish that can be polished or changed to match a variety of lane conditions.

This ball will be perfect for a wide range of bowlers on medium to heavy oil conditions, with surface adjustments. Its strong backend motion and mid lane movement is going to make it a favorite among a large majority of bowlers.

It can be a great choice for higher rev players or those who want to get their tweeners square to the pocket. It will allow them to maintain their energy without losing focus on the shot and sacrificing quality.

I was able to test this ball on a THS, 2016 USBC Nationals Team pattern and also on the Doubles/Singles pattern. The ball middlerolled nicely on the THS but was easily as good on tough sport conditions such as the Nationals.

The Hy-Wire is a very similar ball to the Haywire in that it will be very popular with a large number of bowlers on medium volume THS and sports patterns. It is cleaner than the Haywire, but it again has that super reliable move late mid lane and away from the end of the design, which can be very powerful.

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