Roto Grip UFO Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

roto grip ufo review

The Roto Grip UFO review is a high performance bowling ball that works well with a variety of bowlers. It is designed for medium to heavy oil conditions and a wide range of bowlers’ styles, rev rates, and ball speeds.

It’s a space aged creation featuring built in “Equalizer Cavities” to imitate the use of balance holes, which will be illegal in USBC sanctioned events as of August 2020. These cavities will help increase midlane motion and continue down the lane for strong total reaction.

This asymmetric core is wrapped in the eTrax Hybrid reactive coverstock and sports a 1500 grit polished finish for great traction down lane. This combination will help increase early overall hook and generate plenty of length and backend reaction on medium to heavy oil conditions.

While this is a very high performance ball, it is not as strong or early as some other balls in the Roto Grip line. This ball is best used on longer and/or higher volume patterns when strong asymmetrical hook is needed, or for speed dominant bowlers who prefer a strong asymmetrical ball in their arsenal.

While this ball does not roll as far down the lane as some other balls in its class, it is still a very solid option for medium to heavy house-type oil conditions. This ball does a really good job of rolling up, which gives it more miss room out than some other big pieces do. It also rolls up a little bit earlier than some of its competitors, which helps make it easier to pick up more speed down the lane.

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