RTX 2080 Laptop Review

September 18, 2022
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RTX 2080 Laptop

Rtx 2080 Laptop Review

The RTX 2080 is a super fast 4K gaming graphics card. Not only is it incredibly fast, and an upgrade from its previous card. It is also considered the second most performant GPU in the world. It also improved on the gaming frame rates, much better than the original. For these reasons, and many more listed below, this graphics card is a top choice for your laptop or desktop. Keep reading for more information on a RTX 2080 Laptop.

The RTX 2080 was created by Nvidia GeForce. It is one of the most powerful gaming cards in the RTX line. If not of all time. It packs more CUDA cores and has faster GDDR6 video memory. It is also capable of rendering real time ray tracing and artificial intelligence-powered computations. Additionally, it does this by introducing a new set of 46 RT Cores, as well as 468 Tensor Cores. 

This graphics card is also capable of transforming glass and other reflexive surfaces, like water, into mirrors. This is the first for video games. It is also able to simulate light effects more realistically than others. This makes gaming that much more exciting and thrilling. The RTX 2080 also is able to tap into a new DLSS, deep learning super sample. 

While the 2080 is more expensive than the previous model, it is also much more powerful. Its benchmark scores beat the GTX 1080 Ti, and the Titan Xp. The RTX 2080 also has much higher fps. It can reach as high as 60 fps. 


  • Simple overclocking
  • Second most performant GPU in the world


  • Demands more power
  • Expensive

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