Ruger 9E Review Hickok45

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

ruger 9e review hickok45

The ruger 9e review hickok45 is a full-sized double-stack duty gun that holds 17 rounds. It has a 4.14-inch barrel and weighs 27.2 ounces empty. It's easy to carry in a pocket or concealed, and it has the capacity to serve as a personal defense weapon for a substantial amount of time. However, it's important that any person who is contemplating buying a pistol like this do so with the advice of an experienced instructor to be sure that the firearm fits them well and will function properly in a variety of shooting situations.

Ruger rose to prominence with a line of rugged, reliable firearms at prices that weren't out of reach for people with house payments and kids in braces. But the market swing toward compact, striker-fired polymer-frame handguns meant that something had to change if Ruger was going to compete with guns from makers such as Glock and Smith & Wesson.

In response, Ruger came up with the 9E. Essentially, the 9E is an SR9 with some subtle changes to reduce manufacturing costs and maintain Ruger's reputation for ruggedness and reliability at a reasonable price.

Upon inspection, the 9E looks just like an SR9. There's a little less machining on the slide-a couple of ball-end mill beauty cuts up front and along the nose went away, and there are half as many slide serrations. The slide also has a plain, matte-blue carbon steel finish rather than the black nitride on the SR9, and the front sight is a Novak-style, no-snag two-dot instead of an adjustable dovetail.

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