Sa58 Voyager Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

sa58 voyager review

The sa58 voyager is a new rifle from ds arms that is a more affordably priced version of their traditional metric-pattern FAL rifles. It features a new 21-inch premium threaded barrel, a Steyr short flash hider and synthetic handguard/buttstock. A Holland style rear sight is included as well. Other than the barrel which is not cut for a bipod and the foreign made Steyr furniture it uses for their other sa58 models, all other parts are U.S. produced and finished in Manganese Phosphate & hard coat anodize for lasting & durable protection.

Range report

Took my new voyager to the range today for her maiden voyage. All was cleaned and lubed prior to outing. All was in working order and functioned flawlessly with prvi partisan.308 145 grain ammo. Gas setting was opened to 7 clicks from fully closed (most gas). Used a thermold mag that barely fit, which is the reason for opening up the gas so it could clear the mag with the full amount of available pressure. Shooting was done at 50 yards for accuracy.

David Sunnyside
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