Sakura Fantasy Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

sakura fantasy is an exciting new visual novel from the makers of Sakura Spirit and Sakura Angels. It's the tale of an aspiring novice who wishes to aim to become a knight. However her life is turned upside down when she meets the mysterious empress and a burning star falls from the heavens.

The game is filled with hefty amounts of fanservice as you'd expect from the developers who brought us Sakura Spirit and Sakura Angels. The protagonist is a cute female who seems to have the ability to get herself into some seriously underdressed situations at will.

While the story itself isn't very original it does have a charm to it and will appeal to fans of the genre. Unfortunately the main problem with this game is that it feels incomplete as the story ends before the protagonist has reached her goal. Winged Cloud had originally planned to release a sequel but this was shelved and it's unlikely we'll see any future installments.

If you're a fan of ecchi-style visual novels then this is definitely worth checking out but if you're looking for something more substantial then look elsewhere. While it's not a complete disaster it's still not worth buying especially given how many other great titles are out there. Grisaia, Neptunia and Akiba's Trip all come to mind. Don't give Winged Cloud another chance to let you down by purchasing this trash.

David Sunnyside
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