Salomon XPro 120 Review 2019

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

salomon xpro 120 review 2019

The salomon xpro 120 review 2019 is a great boot for advanced and expert skiers who are looking for exceptional power. This boot has a healthy stiff but not overpowering flex for arcing turns and blasting pillows, and it's packed full of performance features like Backbone, TwinFrame 2 and 24mm Oversized Pivot that enhance the power transferred to the skis. These boots also feature a 360 Degree Custom Shell and my 3D custom fit liner that can be heated in-store by an authorized Salomon dealer and molded to your feet, evening out pressure and maximizing retention.

This boot uses a 106 mm last designed by scanning the feet of over 5,000 skiers. This accumulated design will fit 70% of Western feet. However, if you have wide and shallow feet, the X/Pro series might not be right for you. It's worth checking out the X/Pro's narrower lasted sibling, the X Max 120.

If you do plan on heat molding these boots, remove the liner boards before heating the shells. If you forget to do this, the board will likely be melted into the shell and deformed. Once cooled, the process is simple to get the perfect fit and performance.

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