Samsung Bd-JM57C Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Player Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

The samsung bd-jm57c wi-fi blu-ray player is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a great 1080p Blu-ray player. It can also access streaming content, up-convert lower-resolution video to match your display and playback a wide variety of media. It is a bit slower than our best Blu-ray players in some of our tests, but it still offers very good performance at a great price point.

It is a black player that features a sleek curved design and striped sides, like something offcut from a H.R. Giger set. The only basic indicator is a power button, which lights up when it's on, but the player can be turned off and re-started at any time by pressing the Eject button. It has a single HDMI port that can output full HD content to an external monitor and can upscale lower-resolution content to conform to the 1080p standard. Integrated single-band WiFi lets you connect to free and subscription-based streaming services.

Stream movies and TV shows on Netflix, listen to music with Pandora, get weather info from Accuweather, keep up with Facebook or Twitter, and more with predownloaded apps. This player is rated to play back a wide variety of media, including Blu-ray, DVD and CD. It has a start-up time of just 0.5 seconds — compared to nearly 10 seconds for most Blu-ray players, and it uses very little energy on standby (0.2 watts).

David Sunnyside
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