Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

samsung jetbot review

Samsung Jet Bot AI+

The Jet Bot AI+ is the newest robot to enter the family. It offers a lot of features in a sleek and affordable package. This includes home monitoring, alternative cleaning patterns, a no-go zone feature, and smart power cleaning. It does a great job at navigation and cleaning around obstacles and furniture. It also has a good side brush to reach the dirt along edges.

In our carpet cleaning test, it only left a fine residue behind, which is pretty impressive. Its performance with rice, flour, and oatmeal is also very good. It also did well in our hard floor testing. However, it only ranked average in our battery life tests and was the slowest robot to complete a test run.

Its most notable feature is the live stream from its camera. You can access this through the app and watch your robot work from anywhere. It is also a neat way to check in on pets and kids when you are away from home.

The app is easy to use and has a clean, clear layout. It also provides a status indicator light. In addition, you can activate a manual mode that allows you to manually move the robot between rooms and select specific areas of your house for cleaning. All of the onboard parts and filters are washable so they can be easily cleaned. The dust bin is easy to empty and the Clean Station dock self-empties as needed.

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