Samsung QN85B Vs QN90B Review

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

The QN85B and QN90B models of Samsung Neo QLED televisions offer all of the smart features expected from modern game consoles - HDMI 2.1 support, 4K 120Hz resolution, ALLM HDR Freesync Premium Pro support as well as more. Both TVs can be connected with Samsung's Q Symphony soundbar range to add extra depth to your gaming experience.

Both QN85B and QN90B displays are exceptional when it comes to display quality. Each boasts an impressive 2000-nit peak brightness for deep black levels and strong contrast levels, along with wide color gamut capabilities for showing more colors than standard LCD panels can show.

All Samsung QLED TVs boast excellent viewing angle coverage, maintaining peak brightness even from extreme side angles thanks to VA panels with an antiglare optical layer on top - something not seen on most other TVs in this price range.

Another characteristic shared by these Samsung QLED TVs is their impressive performance in dark rooms. All have excellent black uniformity and local dimming can really bring them out in these environments. When using our black scene window test with white cross lines at its center, all had some cloudiness on their screens; turning on local dimming can significantly decrease this effect.

These Samsung QLEDs are fast at refreshing their screen, reaching up to 144Hz refresh rate when necessary and featuring Virtual Reality Refresh Rate support allowing gamers to use these TVs without experiencing framerate tearing while gaming on them.

Both Samsung TVs come with remotes that feature an integrated microphone for voice search and controlling smart home devices. Furthermore, these TVs boast built-in Wi-Fi that is simple to set up; furthermore they are compatible with apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.

Both the QN85B and the QN90B offer many impressive features that make them worth considering when making your next TV purchase. For example, the former boasts Quantum HDR 16X for accurate and vibrant colors as well as Object Tracking Sound to transport you right into the action. In contrast, the latter features more traditional design with one single curved panel wrapping around its edge for an overall smaller footprint footprint; additionally it has slightly less peak brightness levels but still incredibly impressive performance levels given its size.

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