Sangean PR-D18BK Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

sangean prd18bk review

The sangean pr-d18bk review is an AM/FM portable radio that comes with a protective bumper that allows you to take it to the park, ball game or camping trip and keep it looking great even after a few bangs. The radio features a large LCD display and easy to use buttons that allow you to listen to your favorite stations. The 5" speaker has enough volume to fill the room with sound without distortion or crackling. It can be powered by a 9' cable, AC power supply or 4 x AA batteries (not included). The headphone jack turns off the speaker so you can enjoy music in privacy.

One of the best features of this portable radio is that it doubles as a clock with 2 alarm timers and a snooze button. It also comes with a Humane Wake System buzzer that gradually raises the alarm volume so you're not awakened by an abrupt blast of noise. This is a great feature for people with sleep issues or those who prefer to wake up naturally rather than with an alarm.

Sangean's sensitivity and selectivity are very good to excellent for this class of radio, especially on AM. The only problem is that there are occasional traces of digital hets on certain AM frequencies, which can be annoying for some listeners. Hopefully, Sangean will address this issue in future productions. Despite this minor quibble, the sangean pr-d18bk is still an impressive and highly recommended portable radio for its price range.

David Sunnyside
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