Savage 112 338 Lapua Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

savage 112 338 lapua review

There are few who will argue that the.338 Lapua is a powerful and ballistically gifted cartridge. However, this far-ranging wunderkind can be tough on the wallet of those who yearn to harness its precision. Thankfully, Massachusetts manufacturer Savage Arms has come up with a solution that brings the power of the Lapua within reach of shooters on a budget.

Enter the Savage 112 338 Lapua. A long-range instrument designed to maximize the accuracy of this powerful caliber, the single shot, bolt action rifle features a user-adjustable Target AccuTrigger that can be dialed in from 6 oz. to 2.5 lbs. The pillar-bedded, heavy carbon steel barrel is button rifled and outfitted with a muzzle brake. A grey wood laminate stock rounds out the package.

In addition to the renowned AccuTrigger, the Model 112 also has a few other unique features that lend to its extreme long-range capability. These include a floating bolt head that enables both locking lugs to bear equally, a proprietary barrel nut system that ensures precise headspacing and a stout design that minimizes action flex and vibration and improves accuracy.

With the combination of these features, the Model 112 is designed to offer maximum range and accuracy while minimizing recoil, which makes it ideal for use as a law enforcement sniper or a hunting rifle. Likewise, its compact dimensions make it a great option for varmint hunters who want to shoot longer distances without sacrificing accuracy.

The 6.5 Creedmoor is the more reasonable choice for those who aren't planning on knocking a moose off its feet at 1000 yards, want to avoid shooter's fatigue from rifle recoil, or are simply looking to save money on ammunition. Straight from a commercial retailer, the Creedmoor starts at.70 cents a round, whereas the Lapua starts at $2.70 per round. This is an immense difference, especially when considering the cost of reloading tools and equipment that are necessary to make both cartridges competitive on price.

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