Scary Movie 2 Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

After the first Scary Movie proved to be a gold goose for Miramax, it was only a matter of time before the Wayans brothers came knocking with a sequel. Unfortunately, they decided to rush this one out a little too quickly and ended up with this ugly, unfunny mess.

The film starts out with a decent parody of The Exorcist (complete with James Woods doing a wacky version of Max von Sydow's exorcism). But the rest of the film is just a jumble of broad, gross-out jokes that have nothing to do with horror movies and everything to do with things like urine, feces, semen and farts. The humor is fast and furious at first but soon becomes tiresome and repetitive. There is no real subtlety to the gags and they miss the mark with most of them.

The movie takes aim at a variety of popular movies including the previously mentioned spoofs of The Exorcist, Poltergeist and Entity along with Mission: Impossible 2, Charlie's Angels and Hollow Man. It also throws in some rip offs of What Lies Beneath, Titanic and Dude, Where's My Car for good measure. Several of these spoofs are mildly offensive but most are just plain stupid. Some of the gross-out humor is just too grotesque for young audiences to understand and there are plenty of sexual references as well as a few sex jokes that may be considered offensive by some people. The DVD includes a few skippable trailers as well as three alternate endings (one of which is quite interesting). Also included are over 40 minutes of deleted scenes.

David Sunnyside
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