Scent Blocker Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

scent blocker review

Scent blockers have long been a staple in the hunting community. These products can work in either of two ways, either killing the odor before it occurs or absorbing it once it is produced.

Activated carbon is a common material used in scent blocking clothing, however other materials like zeolite, silver and engineered polymers also offer benefits over activated carbon. Unlike activated carbon, these other materials trap odor molecules as they are released from the skin or clothing rather than absorbing them as they are produced.

These materials are a great addition to the arsenal of scent blockers and are effective when combined with other products. They can be used on clothes, boots and blinds to improve the odor control of these items.

Chemical sprays are another popular option in the field that can be sprayed on to clothes, bags or bows. These chemicals oxidize or burn the odor-causing chemicals that can cause a bad odor.

Scent blockers that are sprayed on can be a little more expensive than the other methods, but they do provide a longer-term solution for odor reduction. They can be applied to clothes, bags and even blaze orange to increase the likelihood of odor elimination.

Trinity Technology is a new product in the scent blocking world that is gaining quite a bit of attention. This product utilizes a synthetic polymer that is fused into the fabric and has incredible adsorption kinetics.

This product is different than many other products in the market due to its unique scent that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. It works on both contact and non-contact, removing a variety of odors including bacterial and not so much. This is a great solution for those hunters who want to remove as much odor from their gear as possible, while still maintaining a natural, subtle scent.

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