Scrum Methodology

April 28, 2023
Justin Ankus

Scrum methodology

Scrum methodology is an agile, lightweight approach to project management that emphasizes self-organization and task delegation. Teams using Scrum make decisions based on what they understand to be their goal; collaboration among members can result in better results for clients.

Scrum: Building Software Scrum is an agile methodology with the primary objective of producing high-quality software products that satisfy customer requirements, and has applications across industries including software development, marketing, sales, HR and more.

Product Owner

A product owner serves as the liaison between their team and clients who own their product, and is accountable for creating and prioritizing a backlog that can be completed over a sprint cycle.


Time-boxing is an integral component of Scrum that sets strict time limits on all processes and tasks - typically between one week to four months depending on your team and product.

Iterative Scheduling

The product backlog should be regularly revised, placing high-priority items at the top of the list and reviewed during refinement sessions with team members in order to reprioritize, remove unnecessary items, and add new ones.

Deliberate meetings to refine and review the process Daily Scrum meetings provide developers with an important forum for sharing what they have accomplished and planning their day, while the Sprint Review Meeting provides the Scrum team an opportunity to reflect upon its own progress and determine if changes need to be made.

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