Scubapro Hydros Pro Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

The scubapro hydros pro review is one of the most advanced and comfortable BCD’s on the market. Designed for any diver the scubapro hydros pro is super lightweight, packs flat and is very easy to travel with. It’s also super cuztomizable and you can add or remove weight systems, straps and pockets to suit your diving style and conditions. In fact Scubapro have marketed this as their BC 4 life as virtually all components can be replaced without the need for stitching.

The harness is made from an injection moulded monprene gel which feels a bit rubbery at first but once on it’s very comfortable and will conform to your body shape. It’s also the same material as the Seawing Nova fins so it’s very durable, able to withstand UV and chemicals. Another bonus of the material is that it retains very little water, so as soon as you get out of the water your bc will be nearly dry.

Almost neutrally buoyant, the dual compound back plate and Body Grip Gel prevent shifting or riding up while the articulated shoulder straps are fully adjustable for a custom fit. Adding or removing bungees, D-rings and accessories is as simple as a few clicks, so you can make this BCD your own.

The integrated weight pockets slot into skeletal mounts so they don’t take up much space, and can be removed easily for travellers or those who prefer not to use them. A ninja roll out pocket provides added storage and you can add an Accessory Bungee Kit to mount things like a torch or surface marker buoy (SMB).

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