Sea Eagle Razorlite Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

Sea Eagle’s Razorlite 393RL is an inflatable kayak that combines the rigidity, handling, and speed of a hard shell kayak with the ease and portability of an inflatable. It is the first kayak to use drop stitch technology to combine both hull walls and floor of a single kayak. The result is an incredibly stiff and durable boat that can be inflated to 10 psi which is far higher than most other inflatable kayaks. This increase in air pressure makes it possible to create a much more rigid and powerful craft that tracks better and is much easier to maneuver on the water.

The stern and bow molds also help to give the 393RL the world’s first speed entry system while tapered sidewalls reduce drag for more efficient paddling. The 393RL also features a built in skeg for enhanced tracking abilities and can slice through wind and choppy waters like no other inflatable kayak on the market.

Both the standard and pro package come with two Tall Back Seats, the skeg, the footrest, a hand piston pump, and Sea Eagle’s usual convenient carrybag. The only difference between the two is that the pro configuration comes with an extra AB40 paddle (8', 4-part, 2.92 lbs).

If you are new to kayaking and need more information before you make a purchase I recommend calling Sea Eagle’s toll free number and asking for “Hawaian Dan.” He is an awesome fellow who does informative videos on all of their products. He will be happy to answer any questions that you have and walk you through all of the features of the 393RL.

David Sunnyside
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