Second Life Mesh Body Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

second life mesh body review

Free Mesh Avatars

Second Life's mesh technology continues to evolve, and there are now free avatars available that you can assemble with your choice of clothes. These "mesh bodies" are skin-tight – and the clothes will fit them better than they would on a standard prim body because there's no gap between the body and the clothing. The clothing layers are attached to the skin by a gadget called an Omega applier. This is sold by many different brands, and it costs a bit to buy one for each of the popular mesh bodies – but once you have them, they will apply any Omega-compatible clothing without any problems.

Currently, the most widely used free mesh body in Second Life is the Lucy Body, but there are other options that can be tried for size. There's also a free version of the Slink Physique Original, and there are also some other free ones that are more basic. The FabFree SL blog is an excellent place to find them all.

Another very good option is the new free mesh Erika Zero Plus body from Kalhene. It's only available for a short time, but it's a great, low-lag, mesh body to use with any type of clothing. It comes with flat feet and tip toes, a set of hand nails that are removable, and a mini wardrobe of bikini bra and thong; shorts; a tank top and jeans outfit; and sneakers.

Also, LeLutka are being super-generous and offering two free mesh heads – Raven and Quinn. These are wonderful, pretty heads and they work well with most mesh bodies.

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