SecureIT Gun Safe Review - Agile Model 52 Pro Gun Safe

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

secureit gun safe review

For many of us gun owners balancing secure weapon storage with speedy weapons access is an ongoing challenge. Traditional safes are large, heavy and require significant cost to move and place. They also have to be structurally suitable for locations inside the home such as avoiding stairs and other locations that could not accommodate the weight of a full size safe.

The Agile Model 52 Pro Gun Safe addresses these concerns with an ingenious solution centered around their patented CradleGrid system. This allows for a more flexible in the field arranging of long arms so they are not banging into each other or stacked on top of each other. The system is easily re-configured without tools and includes a tiered polymer base into which the buttstock sits for proper lean angle. The solution is surprisingly effective and can be found in other models across their entire lineup of cabinets, gun safes and hidden safes.

Another great feature of the Agile Model 52 is that it can be bolted to the floor through four pre-drilled holes on each side and at the bottom of the cabinet. This helps to prevent accidental movement of the safe in a high-traffic area such as a bedroom closet or hallway. Bolting is also recommended for tamper resistance and to make the safe more resistant to aggressive burglary attempts or fire.

The company’s actual name is SecureIT Tactical Inc. (it’s pronounced Secure-IT) and they have been producing high-quality storage solutions for 18 years now. Their products are geared towards tactical weapons but they also produce multiple small gun safes and cases that work well for general purpose firearms as well. Their small gun safes and cases are able to meet TSA airline travel guidelines and they come with security cable to attach them to your luggage. They also have a 15 year manufacturer warranty on all of their products.

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