Seiler Piano Review - The ED132

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The ED132 is at the top of the seiler piano lineup and offers some patented technology that makes it stand out among other grand pianos on the market today. One of the patented technologies is the Membrator soundboard system. This feature sculpts the soundboard so it is thicker on the outer edges and thinner in its center. This allows the heavier outer parts to serve as a membrane that transfers energy from the piano’s string vibrations into the inner part of the soundboard to sustain and strengthen the tone.

Another patented technology is the Seiler Super Magnet Repetition or SMR action. This unique action design uses a special set of small ceramic magnets that are installed in the action. When a pianist strikes the keys they force these magnets to separate and push the hammers back together faster and more reliably than a traditional spring. This results in a fast and accurate repetition that is very close to the best grand piano actions on the market.

Other great features on the ED132 include the state of the art Ad Silent practice system and the QRS Pianomation 3 player system that is fully integrated into the piano for recording, playback and more. The Pianomation also adds the ability to connect your piano to any audio device via bluetooth for a more immersive experience.

Since 1849, the Liegnitz-based Seiler company has survived tragedy, wars and many different directors in order to remain true to its original vision. It is this commitment to quality and craftsmanship that has kept the Seiler name relevant in the world of pianos even in today’s age where so many companies are quick to make changes just to turn a profit.

David Sunnyside
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