Senapati Aha Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

Rajendra Prasad gets to break free of his image and deliver a solid performance in senapati aha. He gives his best, especially in the last half of the film. The other performers are also good. Young actor Naresh Agastya also does a fine job of his role. He looks naive at times but in key scenes, he effectively conveys his intense side. Among others, Rakendu Mouli and Gnaneswati Kandregula are apt for their roles.

Pavan Sadineni does a decent job of direction. He brings a fresh touch to the film and makes it different from other films of this genre. He also succeeds in bringing in some decent production values and slick editing to the movie.

Though the story is borrowed from a Tamil film 8 Thottakal, senapati aha manages to stand out in its own way. It is a gripping thriller with some slick action and edgy sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The writing is rich and detailed while the emotional scenes are well narrated.

The film starts off on a dull note but picks up pace towards the middle of the first half. Once the story of Krishna Murthy is established, the film takes a new direction and becomes more focused. The film does not take long to reach the climax which is quite effective and entertaining. Overall, senapati aha is a decent thriller and a must watch for the audience.

David Sunnyside
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