Serif Webplus X8 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

webplus x8 review

Serif webplus x8 review is an impressive website development software application that eliminates the need for HTML/CSS coding to develop a professional looking website. The program offers inexperienced users a variety of professionally designed templates to get them started, while offering more accomplished designers the flexibility they need to build their own website layouts down to the last detail.

In addition to a number of highly sophisticated features, the program also has an integrated photo editor with a host of smart tools and advanced capabilities including basic video editing, quick image resizing, and the ability to create an animated lightbox gallery for images. Users can upload YouTube videos and display them within their website, stream news and information feeds using RSS, and use a basic video player to add streaming audio.

Users can design their own customisable page layouts with a choice of a wide variety of pre-built elements that can be dragged and dropped to the pages. They can easily resize photos and video clips to be displayed in web page sliders, and they can link to RSS image feeds from sites like Flickr. The program allows them to restrict access to certain parts of their site with a password protected member's area, and they can embed Youtube or Vimeo videos within the site as well.

The program is compatible with Windows, and its graphical user interface is easy to navigate. It also has a number of helpful tools that make working with text easier, including the ability to open a WritePlus document in one window and edit an HTML text frame in another, or use task switching to view the layout of the page on which you are working while editing the contents of an HTML text frame.

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