SGM Tactical Glock 9mm 33rd Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

sgm tactical glock 9mm 33rd review

The sgm tactical glock 9mm 33rd is an awesome upgrade to any double stack Glock, delivering more firepower to take your home defense game to the next level. Crafted from durable polymer with reinforced feed lips and steel inserts, these magazines are backed by SGM Tactical's signature quality and reliable feeding performance.

Designed to survive the rigors of combat, these magazines are built to last through all types of stress, including extreme temperatures and impacts from hard use. They feature a high strength steel frame that is manufactured using a state-of-the-art process, and are encased in a durable polymer shell to ensure maximum durability in all environments.

A mag with a large number of rounds isn't a bad idea, but you'll want to choose wisely. The sgm tactical glock 33rd is one of the best in the business, offering a smooth and reliable feed while providing a handy indicator as to how many rounds you have left with the help of a couple rear-facing witness holes.

The sgm tactical glock 34-round is also a worthy addition to any double stack gun owner's arsenal, delivering the same ol' fashioned quality that you expect from this brand while adding extra firepower for a few more rounds on target or out in the field. This magazine is made to be a long-lasting addition to your collection, and comes with a 5-year warranty to boot.

If you're looking for the sgm tactical glock 34-round, look no further than this online store, where we carry an extensive selection of premium firearms and accessories, including some of the newest products from SGM Tactical!

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