Should You Use a GoPro Dash Cam?

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

gopro dash cam

GoPro cameras are superb cameras capable of recording high quality videos and photos, perfect for use as dash cams. Their advanced functions make them even more useful as dash cams - they can be remotely accessed from smartphones for editing video footage remotely while uploading videos directly into the cloud automatically, an extremely helpful feature when accidents occur or if you simply wish to share your driving experiences.

However, using a gopro as a dash cam does come with some unique challenges. For instance, its camera may overheat quickly under direct sunlight on your windshield, leading it to overheat rapidly and eventually stop functioning completely or become dysfunctional over time. Therefore, for best results install it somewhere shadier so as to ensure protection from sun.

Gopro cameras require manual powering on and off before each drive, which can be time-consuming for those who frequently drive. A mounting solution could help alleviate this issue; however, doing so would increase costs substantially; instead it is best to invest in a dash cam that starts recording automatically upon starting up your car for greater time savings and cost efficiency in the long run.

Dash cams are more convenient and less likely to be stolen than GoPro cameras due to thieves being less inclined to resell or use it themselves for personal gain. While they cannot completely prevent theft, they pose significantly less of a risk.

If you opt to use a GoPro as a dash cam, proper installation is of utmost importance. First, purchase a flat mount to securely fasten the camera in place; once it's in place, find a spot on your dashboard that allows it to cover maximum area without obstruction and adjust angle so as to record entire road. Afterward, connect it using either USB cable or 12-volt power adapter and connect to car's battery directly for extended battery life.

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