Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

sierra designs mobile mummy review

A wearable sleeping bag that allows you to sleep in your tent or move around camp. Its garment-style shoulders and dual zipper in the centre front and armholes that self-seal keep you warm without letting cold air in. The footbox can be tucked away so you can get out and fire up breakfast or do any other backcountry task that doesn't require exiting your bag.

The Mobile Mummy is insulated with 800 fill power RDS-certified DriDown. This is regular down treated at a molecular level to repel moisture and improve loft and dry faster than untreated down. This makes it a very versatile sleeping bag that you can use in all conditions. It has a great fit that is snug but not restrictive. The large centre zipper is easy to open from either side and the arm openings can be popped open for additional venting.

The hood is fitted like a jacket and has no toggles or itchy velcro tabs. This means you can squat or sit up in your tent and read, cook, or walk around camp while staying nice and toasty. The hood is also made of a lighter and smaller material that fits close to your head without any drafts.

The arm ports are great for warming up your hands and the tuckable footbox lets you get in and out without getting cold feet or letting cold air in. It takes a little extra time to get into the bag but this is easily offset by how much freedom of movement you have in the Mobile Mummy.

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