Simmons ProTarget 3-9x40 Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Simmons has been a staple in the optics industry for 30 years, producing durable rifle scopes and binoculars for hunters, sports enthusiasts, and outdoor lovers alike. Their products are known for their quality glass and performance, especially when you consider the affordable price tag.

The ProTarget series of rifle scopes offers premium features at an unbeatable price. Its bright, sharp images and TruPlex reticle give the shooter an edge with pinpoint accuracy. Its ballistic matched turrets, generous eye relief, fast focus eye piece, and side focus make it perfect for any rimfire rifle. It also comes with a sunshade and flip-up scope caps for protection and to easily access your adjustments.

A common concern with rifle scopes is how well they hold zero, especially when you’re shooting in rough conditions like hunting or tactical shooting. The simmons protarget 3-9x40 has a locking mechanism system that allows it to remain accurate and reliable under heavy recoil.

This scope is aimed at the rifle user, but according to Simmons, it’s been thoroughly put through the ringer and can be used with any firearm. However, it is recommended to use the correct mounting ring so that the tube doesn’t overhang your barrel. Simmons has a wide range of rifle scopes, binoculars, and accessories to suit any budget. They’re a top choice for hunters, target shooters, and even air rifle enthusiasts. So if you’re in the market for a new scope, check out their selection today!

David Sunnyside
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