Smart Snap-On Cases For Your Google Pixel

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you're a Pixel owner and are in need of some extra security, Google's just released two smart snap-on cases that go beyond basic protection. One of them is a Google Earth-themed case that updates your wallpaper with different landscape photos pulled from the satellite imagery service each day. Double tapping a spot on the case opens up Google Earth and reveals more details about that particular location. The other focuses on Google Trends, showing you a visualization of popular searches over the past 24 hours.

Both cases connect to your phone over NFC and a companion app. You can customize the button on the back to launch apps or specific features on your phone, and both come with a dual-layer design to protect your Pixel. The NFC connectivity also lets you unlock the Google Assistant just by pressing down on the button.

Our review unit came with the Google Earth Live Case, which is adorned with a river photo of Namibia taken from a satellite view. The app will display the corresponding Earth image as your wallpaper, with the option to zoom in to explore a specific area of the photo. The case also has a built-in shortcut button, which can be customized to launch apps or the phone camera.

The other case, the Places Live Case, adorns your Pixel with a map print of a specific location you select in the app. You can choose from popular cities, landmarks and more. The app will also display a Google Earth image of the destination as your wallpaper, with double-tapping opening up a Google Earth tour for that location.

David Sunnyside
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