Smith Vice Goggles Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

smith vice goggles review

Smith Vice goggles are a fairly bare-bones option for skiers and snowboarders who prefer function over fashion. They feature a framed design that integrates easily with most helmets and a medium fit that should work for most faces. The lens options are solid, too. You can choose from a clear or smoked version for sunny days, or a Photochromic lens that changes tint to suit variable lighting conditions. All of the lenses feature Smith’s ChromaPop technology to enhance contrast and visibility and deliver a truly HD-like view of the mountain and snowy landscape.

They can be purchased with a lens protector to extend their lifespan, and the frame, strap, and lenses are all very durable. During months of use, they stood up well to both backcountry skiing and resort runs with no major hiccups to report. The lenses were also very resistant to fogging, too, and the frame along the edge of the lens helped reduce chipping from rocks or other debris.

One area where the Smith Vice really excelled was in its field of vision, particularly straight down. This is a real advantage for those who enjoy backcountry skiing or frequent side-country hikes and want to see the trail ahead. The rimless design of the lens helps with this and it performs similarly to other top-performing models in our test, including Oakley’s Flight Deck and Smith’s own I/O Mag.

David Sunnyside
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