Smoant Rabox Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

Not too long ago Smoant rolled out the Rabox mod, which looked like a gaming computer CPU unit and caused some heads to turn. Now they’ve released the smaller version of this model, which is just as unique looking but in a much more compact package.

The RABOX Mini is a transparent mechanical box mod with an impressive 3300mAh capacity battery and resistance down to 0.1ohm. Its design begs for attention with its unique translucent body structure and power LED that shows you the status of the internal battery and the mode selector.

It has a large 510 port that can handle tanks up to 25mm in diameter and is protected by a familial gilded hexagonal spring electrode. Its fire button is a simple toggle switch that when pushed up is 100 watts and when pressed down is soft mode. The RABOX also displays your battery’s life by flashing different colors based on the state of the battery.

It is a smart unregulated mod that implements Smoant’s premiere output system by correlating the battery life to determine the wattage and voltage outputs of each mode. In high mode it will fire your coil at a max of 100W, in medium mode it will output constant voltage of 5.0 volts and in soft mode you will have direct battery output. It also has a safety suite that will protect against low battery protection, low resistance protection and over heating protection.

David Sunnyside
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