Smonet Door Lock Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

smonet door lock review

In a market full of smart locks, Smonet stands out because it’s a Bluetooth lock that can be used without a hub. It’s also reasonably priced and is easy to install. But it’s not a perfect lock. For one, the manual isn’t wholly accurate and can be confusing to understand. It’s hard to tell which screws go where, and the naming of some screw heads isn’t intuitive (screw I vs. screw K).

Another downside is the fact that you can’t use the lock with other voice assistants, which is a problem since Alexa is the most popular smart home assistant. It does work with IFTTT, though, so you can integrate it into a command that turns off the lights and locks the door for you.

You can manage the lock with a mobile app, but only within range. It supports multiple methods of unlocking (3 altogether) and has a physical key hole in case you don’t want to use the app or a smartphone. It can also be locked remotely with a Wi-Fi gateway hub (sold separately by Penmama). The app allows you to create unlimited user codes and E-Keys, and gives you detailed log records.

One thing to note is that this lock doesn’t respond well to sunlight. The touchscreen can get unresponsive or display fractions on the screen when touched by direct sunlight, so you’ll want to keep it shaded from the sun as much as possible.

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