Snip Snap Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

snip snap review

SNIP SNAP is the fast action dice matching game that gets your head spinning! Roll your six dice and dash to be the first to find a match between your own and one of the dice your opponents rolled. If you see two sharks, call out "SHARK SNAP!" and snatch them quick to win! This family-friendly game combines speed, an eagle eye and a bit of luck for fun that's a snap to play. Ages 7 and up. From the illustrator of the bestselling Professor Astro Cat series, Ben Newman.

Coupon Finder:

SnipSnap allows users to take a photo of a paper coupon and create a mobile version that can be saved in the app for later use. The mobile version displays the barcode and images from the original coupon for easy redemption at the point of sale. It also displays important information like the coupon's expiration date, minimum spending requirements, bar code and coupon details, retailer restrictions and consumer restrictions. The app does not currently work with manufacturer coupons. The company is working to incorporate this feature into the app in the future. The app is available on Android and iOS devices.

David Sunnyside
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