Snuggles My Dream Puppy Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

This is a very cute puppy that kids will love playing with and will really feel like they have a real pet. Its tummy moves in and out to simulate breathing, it makes cute noises when patted, eyes open and close and even snores while sleeping. It also moves its head, drinks from a bottle and makes slurping and burping sounds while doing so.

It has 6 different play modes and over 35 sound effects. It can be triggered by pressing the nose and mouth buttons or by petting sensors situated on its head and tummy. It can be turned OFF if desired but kids will surely want to keep it ON and interact with it.

When rubbed on its back the puppy will start to pant and make short barking sounds and when its tummy is patted it responds with calming noises similar to a lullaby. If left alone for a long time the puppy will ask for attention by making cries or snoring. It can be put in its crate to go to sleep and it will make calming and soothing noises to signal that its ready for bed.

The toy comes in a box that looks like a pet carrier and kids will really love getting it out and interacting with this cute puppy. Its super soft light brown fur is so lovable and the big blue eyes with floppy ears are the icing on the cake! This is definitely a toy that will be a hit this holiday season.

David Sunnyside
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