Social Media Apps Not Working on iPhone? 10 Solutions

August 18, 2022
Natalie Thorburn



Social media applications have just ruled over our life by becoming a very important aspect. Even some people can't imagine life without it. They quickly become frustrated when they can't access these apps on their device due to different reasons.


If you own an iPhone and have just noticed the social media apps not working on iPhone properly, don't worry. Just use any of the ways given in this post and resolve your problem efficiently.


Update your iPhone


One of the major reasons why social media apps stop working on your iPhone could be an iOS bug. Hence, it is important to keep your iPhone up to date. It will resolve the bugs, bring security enhancement features, and also improve the performance of your iPhone. Click Settings, tap General, and then select Software Updates. Click Download and Install for any pending update.


Use Cellular Data


When all the above-mentioned methods do not work to fix social media app working issues, try using your cellular data. Check if such apps work with cellular data. If it works, then switch to cellular data by going to the Settings and clicking Wi-Fi. Turn off the Wi-Fi option and open Settings again. Click Cellular and turn on this option.

Restart Your iPhone


A simple restart can fix many technical glitches. Generally, all the apps and software running on your iPhone close naturally without any issue. Make sure that the apps are not hidden or hidden; else you won't be able to access them on the iPhone screen. Browse online tutorials to learn more on how to hide apps on iPhone and how to unhide them.


Restart iPhone with Home Button


So now you know that restarting your device can fix the issue, but how to do that? Press the power button and release it when you see "Slide to power off" on your screen. Turn off your device by swiping the red and white power icon from left to right. Wait for a few seconds to shut down properly. Again press and hold the power option until you find the Apple logo.


Switch Off & Restart


You can switch off and restart your iPhone using the side button. Press and hold these buttons simultaneously until you see the "Slide to power off" option. Use the same method to turn off your iPhone as mentioned above. Now, wait for about 30-60 seconds. Again press the side button and release it when you get the Apple logo on the screen.


Turn Off Your iPhone


Sometimes restarting the device can solve minor issues on the iPhone. So, when you're unable to fix the social media app major problem, power off your device. Go to Settings and then General. Scroll to the bottom and then click Shut Down. Wait for a minute and then hit the power button. Release it when you get the Apple logo to start the iPhone.


Switch Off & Wait


Simultaneously press either volume and power buttons and hold them until you see the option "Slide to power off". Swipe or slide the on-screen power button from left to right. This will turn off your iPhone. Wait for at least 60 seconds to let your device shut down completely. Again, press the power button and release it once you see the Apple logo.


Switch Wi-Fi Networks


Another tip you can try when social media apps not working on iPhone is to switch to another Wi-Fi connection. To switch between Wi-Fi networks, slide down from the right to access the Control Center. Turn off the Wi-Fi by clicking the Wi-Fi icon. Long-press this icon to get the list of available networks. Try a different Wi-Fi network to solve the issue.


Switch to Different Wi-Fi Alternatively


Alongside the above method, you can switch between Wi-Fi networks by going to Settings. Click Wi-Fi and turn on the Wi-Fi option. It will become gray. Now, toggle on this option again. And this time, the Wi-Fi icon will change to green. Link to your Wi-Fi or switch to a different Wi-Fi network. Check if the problem is solved.


Reopen Social Media App


Another way to access and manage social media apps on your iPhone is by closing and reopening them properly. It will help in giving a fresh start to a particular app by fixing the software bug or a minor crash problem. Open the app switcher by clicking the Home button twice. If you don’t have a Home button, swipe from the bottom until the switcher opens.


The Conclusion


Nearly every person uses social media applications every day to connect with friends, explore the world, and share memories. So, next time when any of your social media apps are not working on your iPhone, try these tips. The information mentioned in the article ought to help you to solve the problem and let you enjoy using your favorite social media app again.


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