Sonim Technologies' XP3.2 Quest Pro is Rugged and Durable

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

Sonim Technologies stands head and shoulders above many companies when it comes to mobile durability. Their XP3.2 Quest Pro stands as an exceptional example; you can drop it from 6.5 feet onto concrete and use it for 18 hours without damage, submerge it in water up to 1m deep, or leave it outdoors at temperatures from -5 to 130 degrees without worrying about damaging it.

The Xp3.2 features push-to-talk capability, making it ideal for use on jobsite or for one-to-one and many-to-many communications over private cellular networks. Furthermore, you can use it as a flashlight or navigational aid if you find yourself lost.

Fuel Injectors

One of the main reasons injectors fail is due to corrosion issues that develop both during and post combustion, usually from water, dirt particles or rust adhering to its surfaces and plugging its nozzle or armature. With Xp3's ability to disperse existing water in fuel supply, problems are reduced greatly extending injector's lifespan and life.

The Xp3 also comes equipped with a special detergent to reduce contaminants and corrosion by-products in your fuel tank, decreasing maintenance requirements while improving engine performance. This feature is particularly important if your vehicle utilizes newer fuel injection systems that require cleaner fuel for optimal functioning.

Low-Temperature Corrosion

As part of the combustion process, fuel atomization generates sulfuric acid which attacks metal components in your vehicle's fuel system. Once exposed to air or light, vanadium pentoxide forms and forms vanadium pentoxide. However, with Xp3's special formula neutralizer and dissolver solution neutralized acid is neutralized and dissolving significantly increasing life of injectors and fuel pumps for your vehicle.

Carbon Deposits Misuse of fuel leaves behind carbon deposits in engines that can damage or malfunction. Xp3 helps fuel burn more completely while providing lubricity to keep injection systems from wearing out prematurely.

Xp3 increases the cetane number of gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene for easier ignition in cold temperatures and at higher altitudes. Furthermore, this product helps eliminate lack of lubricity associated with light fuels, diesels and kerosene as well as improve lubricity of older engines.

Since Xp3's introduction in 1989, no reports of engine warranty damage or breach have resulted from using this product. Furthermore, its full commercial insurance provides extra peace of mind against your manufacturer voiding the engine warranty due to your use of Xp3.

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