Sonny Side - Personal Life and Food Review Wife

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

Sonny Side is the name behind the popular YouTube channel, Best Ever Food Review Show. He travels the world and tries out some of the weirdest foods around. His witty commentary and adventurous spirit has earned him millions of fans. Sonny’s passion for food and his willingness to try the craziest foods is what makes him so popular. In his videos, he always shares funny memes and travel photos. He also posts glimpses of his personal life.

The food vlogger is a native of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. He attended Sauk Rapids-Rice High School before he moved to South Korea to pursue higher studies. Afterward, he learned professional filmmaking and started making videos for the web. His love for creating interesting content eventually led to him starting his own YouTube channel.

In his first video, he reviewed a cheese sandwich. As he continued to make more food videos, his audience began to grow. This led to him hiring a cameraman and travelling the world. In his latest video, he visited India for the third time and tried street food from Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and Bengaluru.

If you’re a fan of Sonny, then you might be curious about his personal life and his relationship. Well, the bloke isn’t very open about his personal life. He keeps his girlfriend out of the spotlight and isn’t very vocal about his relationship. He does post photos of his family, however. He is a devoted father and a genuinely nice guy.

David Sunnyside
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