Sony KD49X720E Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

sony kd49x720e review

If you are looking for a cheap 4K TV then the Sony KD49X720E is an excellent choice. Its picture quality is quite good and it also has HDR support which is useful for watching colorful images and games.

The panel of this TV is an IPS one, which can provide better viewing angle and color accuracy compared to the VA panel. However, it has a low peak brightness which can make the HDR experience not as impressive as it could be.

This TV also does a great job when it comes to upscaling lower resolution content to near 4K, preserving the details and sharp edges that you would expect from higher-resolution sources. This makes this TV a real gem for people who have loads of old DVDs and Blu-rays to watch.

Black Levels & Contrast:

The X720E does a good job of producing a rich, deep black color when watching dark scenes. Its contrast ratio is a little low, but it does a fine job of displaying deep shadow details. It is worth tweaking the advanced contrast enhancer and black adjust feature to get a really strong, deep and even black color without losing too much of the detail in dark scenes.

Motion Prowess:

The TV does a fantastic job of handling fast-moving objects. Its 7.5 ms response time means that it doesn't leave long trails on the screen when there is a lot of movement, making it perfect for fast-paced content.

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