Sony W600B Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

sony w600b review

I bought this tv about 3 years ago and it still works great. The picture quality is great as is the sound, easy to use and setup and i love the smart TV features. It has a lot of apps available which is really convenient for Netflix and catch up TV etc. Its a good value for money and i would definitely recommend this model to anyone who is looking for an affordable gaming TV. I have had a few other brands and this is by far the best bang for your buck!

Low input lag and limited motion blur

The Sony W600B has an extremely low input lag of about 44.5 milliseconds. This is very good for a LED and you won't notice it when playing games. It also has a limited amount of motion blur when on the LED Motion mode. This feature is great for gamers who want to play on their TV without worrying about blurry images.

Dynamic Edge LED Backlighting and Frame Dimming

The dynamic edge LED backlighting technology uses frame dimming to reduce glare in bright areas and enhance contrast in dark ones, giving you a realistic picture.

X-Reality PRO and Reality Enhance technologies

The X-Reality Pro picture engine draws on its extensive reality database to deliver more color, clarity and detail in every image. This makes every scene you watch, from HD movies to sports, YouTube clips and home movies look even more amazing.

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