Sony X940E Price Review

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

sony x940e price

Sony x940e price is one of the finest large 4k HDR smart TVs currently on the market, boasting outstanding contrast, gorgeously rich yet subtle colors, as well as superior sharpness and motion handling - making it an excellent choice for both HDR and SDR content.

The X940E's native contrast ratio of 4941:1 is impressively high; its real strength lies in its local dimming feature which effectively doubles that figure to 11634:1. Local dimming makes black levels deep and uniform while providing precise brightness control - creating cinematic dark scenes while bright scenes remain lively without overexerting themselves too much.

Color accuracy is unparalleled out of the box on an LED TV like the X940E, boasting one of the widest color gamuts only rivaled by some OLEDs; thus it is capable of reproducing an extensive spectrum of hues with great precision - essential when viewing HDR content, which requires much wider color gamuts than standard definition video.

The X940E boasts remarkable brightness thanks to its Slim Backlight Drive+ grid-array backlight system, which produces incredible light output in an extremely slim form factor. Furthermore, when combined with the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO 10x feature it provides 10 times brighter images compared with conventional LED-edge lit TVs for vivid images that stand out.

Motion appears natural on the X940E's 120Hz refresh rate display, making fast moving objects look less blurred when playing sports or video games. Plus, its MotionFlow feature can interpolate lower framerate content up to its native panel refresh rate - perfect for watching 24fps movie content!

There is some noticeable flicker in the X940E at low backlight settings, though most users won't notice it from normal viewing distances. You can reduce this flicker by either decreasing Backlight settings or increasing Clearness slider settings - both will change frequency of PWM modulator to decrease amplitude and increase duty cycle respectively.

Sound quality is very impressive, with clear vocals and plenty of bass; however, it could use some added raw power and directness when really amplifying action or bass.

The X940E offers an impressive variety of connectivity options, with two USB ports, HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2 support and an Ethernet port to wired internet access. Its Wi-Fi is fast and reliable too; plus there is an impressive collection of apps and services such as Google Assistant, Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as playing back various formats and codecs thanks to its 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme that also makes Dolby Vision content compatible in future firmware updates - ideal for those upgrading existing home entertainment systems to 4K HDR content!

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