Sony XBR - 75X850D Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

xbr x850d review

The Sony XBR - 75X850D is the entry level TV in the company's premium lineup. It's a sleek, eye-appealing design that will blend in with any room decor.

This XBR model is equipped with 4K UHD resolution and supports HDR, which helps to increase contrast and improves dark areas in the image. It also features a 120 Hz refresh rate, which helps to reduce motion blur.

Aside from the excellent picture quality, this model also offers a host of other features that will make your viewing experience a memorable one. These include the use of the Android TV operating system which is familiar to most users. This operating system enables the XBR to be a smart TV, meaning that it can run a variety of apps and programs as well as offer home automation control through a Logitech Harmony Hub.

What's more, this model is equipped with an impressive feature called S-Force Front Surround that will help to reproduce sound in three dimensions and ensure that all channels of the audio are delivered accurately. It works by using a computer model to analyze and compensate for any imperfections in the speaker's response. This means that it "samples" the speaker's frequencies with higher precision and feeds them back to balance any peaks or dips in its natural response.

The Sony XBR - 75X850D's remote is also quite good and is designed to be easy to operate. Its black matte touchpad remote is responsive and has a nice rubberized feel that's comfortable to use. It comes with several buttons and it's also quite large.

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