Spectrum Dedicated Internet Pricing For Businesses

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

spectrum dedicated internet pricing

Spectrum offers several attractive business internet plans and cable TV plans at highly competitive rates, while including valuable perks for businesses such as unlimited long distance calling, private business Wi-Fi access and desktop security software.

This company offers reliable no-contract fiber connectivity with add-on features like static IP addresses and wireless backup, plus discounted services when customers bundle.


Pricing of dedicated internet access will depend on its speed, your location and other factors; prices typically begin at $49. Spectrum enterprise offers gigabit internet plans which offer symmetrical upload/download speeds with 24/7 support services.

These business internet services offer affordable fiber connectivity with no contracts necessary, featuring free modems and security software suites as part of each plan. In addition, additional add-on options such as private business Wi-Fi access and wireless backup are also available - plans available across 41 states!

Spectrum is an ideal option for small businesses looking to upgrade from slow cable Internet service. Unlike AT&T Fiber, Spectrum does not require long-term contracts and offers a money-back guarantee with excellent customer service being recognized by various national organizations like J.D. Power and Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, Spectrum does not provide a bundled package including phone and TV service and pricing is higher than other cable providers.


Spectrum Internet is an ideal solution for households with high bandwidth needs, offering unlimited data at reasonable rates. Thanks to its fast speeds, you can watch movies or play online games without running out of data - as well as protect your devices against malware and other potential threats.

Spectrum stands out from AT&T fiber by being available across all 50 states and its service is reliable and consistent, saving money each month thanks to bundle options for TV and phone services.

Spectrum Business Internet offers competitively priced bundled plans at attractively competitive prices, including free internet modem, customer WiFi access points, email addresses and more. If your business requires dedicated business line performance then a dedicated line upgrade could improve that further. Furthermore, depending on your bandwidth needs there are plans with speeds ranging from 100Mbps up to 940Mbps available to meet them.


Dedicated Internet access can be instrumental to the success of certain business applications. It provides your organization with the bandwidth necessary to manage high-demand apps like cloud apps and remote desktop software; increasing productivity while decreasing IT costs.

Spectrum may not offer a latency guarantee, but the company pledges its efforts in providing fast connections. Spectrum's fiber-based service features low latency and symmetrical speeds; making it an excellent option for large businesses requiring secure networks.

Spectrum provides fast fiber internet, as well as numerous extra features, including a complimentary modem throughout your plan, access to a nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot network and security software suite for both residential and business customers. Furthermore, Spectrum may buy out contracts from other providers (up to $1,000). Not many other providers will provide this option!

Customer Service

Spectrum Business Internet provides reliable and speedy Internet for businesses of any size. Their options range from 100Mbps to 940Mbps with no contracts required or additional taxes or fees added - ideal for reducing unnecessary costs for their operations.

Spectrum customer support is available around-the-clock and provides quick access to knowledgeable technical assistance for any of their customers' inquiries, over phone or online, while there's also an extensive collection of articles offering answers for common problems. Furthermore, customers can visit nearby store support locations where assistance may be found easily, with no data caps or bundle plans that increase cost effectiveness for businesses that utilize large amounts of bandwidth.

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