Spicebomb Infrared Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

spicebomb infrared review


Inspired by the intensity of a red habanero chili pepper, Spicebomb Infrared is a blazing hot fragrance for men. This spicy scent is complemented by contrasting red berry oil and tobacco to create a halo of blazing warmth and magnetism.

Viktor & Rolf’s latest addition to their Spicebomb line of men’s fragrances is an addictive, bold and warm blend of fiery spices. With notes of red berry, saffron and masculine tobacco, this cologne is sure to have you burning with desire.

The Bottle

This 1.7 oz version of Spicebomb Infrared is housed in a thick grenade-style bottle. It also comes with a cute pull pin that you can use to unlock the nozzle so you can spray it. I love how the grenade shape gives the fragrance a very unique look.

The Initial Blast

The spiciness in Spicebomb Infrared is mighty hot right out of the gate, with the cinnamon and habanero pepper leading the charge. It’s a powerful opening, but the freshness of the spice doesn’t overpower it and it’s not too heavy. It lingers for a bit, then a saffron note joins the mix and that really kicks things up a notch.

Sillage and Projection

The spicebomb infrared sillage is strong from the start, hitting a pretty wide 4-6 foot range. After that it settles into a more moderate, but still quite potent aroma overall.

Infrared is a good choice for younger Gents that need a spicy winter cologne that’s a little more playful than some of the heavier spiced flankers on the market. It’s a great scent to wear for work as well, especially on those cool fall and winter days when you need something a bit lighter to go with your office wardrobe.

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