Spider-Gwen Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

spider gwen review

Gwen Stacy has become a staple of Spider-Verse, having been introduced in Edge of Spiderverse and woven into other arcs. Now her own book is out and it's a fresh take on the newest incarnation of Spider-Woman.

In this issue of spider gwen, we find Gwen juggling her low-super powers with her music career and her family. She also butts heads with her father, who wants her to focus on the future instead of music.

After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Gwen becomes a crime fighter with arachnid-like powers and she is given a suit. Her heightened "Spidey Sense" allows her to detect danger and she is also able to stick to walls.

While Gwen's arachnid-like powers are a huge draw to the book, the real highlight is Kim’s storytelling. He manages to subvert the well-worn idea of Spider-Clones with bold narrative choices that culminate in some raw moments that feel daring and novel for a mainstream comic book.

She also makes Gwen feel like a profoundly well-fleshed-out character, complete with flaws and self-inflicted disappointments. In a world where everyone is constantly under threat and the stakes are high, it's refreshing to see Gwen battling with her own sense of justice.

She's a tough girl and this book does a great job of showing that in a lot of ways she's more tough than her friends. She's also a smart girl who is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it, and that's a refreshing thing in a world where women are often expected to be strong all on their own.

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