Spotify Enhance Button

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

spotify enhance button

Spotify's Enhance button enables you to enhance your playlists with recommendations. Up to 30 songs may be added from Spotify's suggestions; these won't replace your original selections and can be removed at any time.

To add a song permanently to your playlist, tap and hold. Or click on the minus icon.

How it works

Spotify recently unveiled an innovative new feature called Enhance that adds up to 30 songs that are related or personalized based on what is already present in your playlists. Enhance does not interfere with existing playlists and can easily be removed if any song doesn't resonate; simply click "Remove" when necessary.

To use this feature, a premium account must first be established, with availability limited to certain locations and internet speeds. Should technical issues arise while using it, rebooting your device or updating the app may help resolve them.

The Spotify enhance button is an easy and straightforward way to discover new music, but before diving in it's important to understand its workings. Here are a few pointers on getting started with it. Ensure you've installed the latest version of Spotify as well as backing up any playlists to avoid accidentally losing any changes you made during this process.

How to turn it on

If the Spotify enhance button is no longer functioning as expected, this could be because its replacement was implemented through an update - however if you still use an older version of the app on your mobile device you might still have access to this feature.

This feature of Spotify allows it to analyze music within a playlist and provide recommendations, all without changing them without your approval. Recommended tracks will be marked with a green icon with two action buttons - plus and minus. This way you can choose which songs to keep or remove from your list.

This feature can help playlist creators who have difficulty selecting songs to fit the tone or mood of their playlist. Furthermore, Spotify recommends new music through this feature that only applies to Premium users - meaning it will not work on public lists such as Yearly Top Songs playlist.

How to turn it off

If the songs that Spotify is adding to your playlist are bothersome, there's an easy way to stop them: simply go into the playlist where they have appeared and toggle off Enhance. Any new tracks added through Enhance won't replace or alter existing music - simply untick this option to delete individual songs as desired.

The Enhance button is exclusively available to Spotify Premium subscribers in both the mobile app and web player, providing analysis and suggestions of songs that suit the tone, mood or genre that is currently playing in your playlist. New recommendations appear every two tracks and you have the ability to permanently add them all as part of your playlist. If you have any other inquiries or issues with it, feel free to post in our comments below and we would be more than happy to assist!

How to add a song to your playlist

Spotify Enhance is a new feature designed to give Premium users more personalized recommendations in their playlists. Users can toggle this feature on or off by tapping the Enhance button at the top of each playlist; once activated, Spotify will mix in up to 30 recommendations at random - one recommendation every two tracks, with users being able to press the "+" icon next to any song if they wish to permanently add it to their list.

Spotify notes that once added, songs won't be replaced if users opt-out of Enhance; similarly, they won't be taken away if they reactivate it later. Enhance is meant to be seen as an addition and not a replacement feature and "will always remain under their own control of playlist".

If the Spotify Enhance button isn't working as it should be, try updating the app first and if that fails reboot your device or contact Spotify customer service who will gladly assist in solving the issue.

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