Spyderco Sprig Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

Spyderco is a company that makes knives for people who use them. They have a way of talking to their customers that melds bespoke with small production runs. You get a tool that is closely designed to your brief, from a knife maker who cares about every detail of the design. This allows them to deliver a product that is truly great for the job you need it for.

The Sprig was conceived by custom knifemaker Phil Wilson as a versatile utility knife for processing fish and game. Its full-flat grind and distal taper create outstanding edge geometry for friction free cutting performance. The blade is ground from premium CPM(r) S90V particle-metallurgy stainless steel, an advanced alloy that contains a generous amount of vanadium to encourage the formation of vanadium carbides within the steel for increased wear resistance.

Wilson's bird-and-trout design is complemented by the Sprig's ergonomically-balanced handle. Its textured, layered G-10 handle scales are permanently secured to the tang with multiple pins and include a tubular lanyard hole for easy attachment of a safety cord or lanyard. To ensure strength and deft balance, the tang is flanked by Wilson's signature integral guard, which provides a secure grip and prevents the user's hand from sliding forward during use.

While the Sprig is a capable field dressing knife, it would benefit from a few improvements. Its pocket clip could be improved, for example. It's raised up a lot higher than most other Spyderco clips, which can cause it to snag on things or, worse, accidentally be lifted out of your pocket and dropped to the floor. This is a minor quibble, but worth noting nonetheless.

David Sunnyside
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