Srixon Z 545 Irons Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

The srixon z 545 irons are one of those clubs that you just want to hold in your hand and feel the smooth contact. It’s not very often you find a game improvement iron that feels this good and gives you so much confidence with each swing. It’s a classic mid-sized iron and it looks great in the bag or hanging on the wall.

The Srixon z 545 irons are built for mid handicap golfers looking for a workable club that will give you the ability to shape shots and control your trajectory. This is a blade-style iron set with a muscle cavity to improve forgiveness on off-center hits. It has a 1020 carbon steel body for the softest feel possible, plus it also has a SUP10 face insert with a higher COR for maximum distance. The srixon z 545 is also laser double-milled to increase friction and stabilize spin in wet and dry conditions.


You may be surprised that a compact iron like the srixon z 545 can offer so much forgiveness. We were very impressed with how well the iron held up for a game improvement iron on those times where the ball was hit low on the face. Even the long irons (3-6) kept up with other game improvement offerings in terms of carry and flight path consistency.

The srixon z 545 features a newly developed sole grind that they call the Tour Extreme V-Sole. It has more leading bounce and less trailing bounce to help decrease turf resistance, which in turn helps tighten shot dispersion. Also, the heel and toe are rounded off for better turf interaction. This is something you should definitely pay attention to when trying these irons out on the course because it could make all the difference.

David Sunnyside
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